New in Feb to Kebele Library

Thanks for the following donations:

Losing Control – Global Security in the 21st Century – Paul Rogers (2.9)
The Green Zone – The Environmental Costs of Militarism (2.8)
How the Rich are Destroying the Earth – H Kempf (2.10)
The Nurse’s Handbook of Complementary Therapies – edited by D. Rankin (2.16)
The Ascent of Humanity – Charles Eisenstein (1.2)
The Resilient Gardener – Carol Deppe (6.4)
Reclaim Power – Climate ACtion 2006 film (2.10)
DIY – A Handbook for Changing Our World, Trapese Collective (6.1)
We are Everywhere – the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism (2.2)


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