New books in the library – pop in to borrow them!

The Cry for Justice -Upton Sinclair (1.2)
Banksky’s Bristol -Home Sweet Home (Bristol Local Interest)
Steve Bell – Apes of Wrath (2.8)
War & the Environment – Charles E. Closmann (2.8)
Desert (2.10)
The Things They Carried – Tim O Brien (2.8)
Great Interviews of the 29th Century: Malcolm X -Alex Haley (3.7)
A Corps Perdu (1.1)
Herbal Secrets for Total Health – Letha Hadady (2.16)
Guide to Herbal Medicine – Reader’s Digest (2.16)
Emotional Intellegence – Daniel Goleman (4.1)
The Cooperative Revolution – A Graphic Novel (2.1)
The Relate Guide to Staying Togeteher – Susan Quillian (2.4)
Pirate Utopias – Moorish Corsairs and European (something – cannot read my writing) (3.4)
The Cahillan Army – Sarah Hall (7) – now out on loan
Not on the label – Felicity Lawrence (food politics)


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