New books at Kebele Radical Library


 Latest donations include:

Animals and Society – The Humanity of Animal Rights – Keith Tester (now on loan)(2.14)
More Real News DVDs (currently kept together on an unlabeled shelf to the left as you walk into the library)
Animals and Modern Cultures – Adrian Franklin (2.14)
The moral Menagerie – Philosphy and animal rights – FEllenz (2.14)
Rick and Blame – Essay in Cultural Theory – Mary Douglas
Rossport Resistance DVDs (2.10)
Helen Caldicot – Nuclear Power is not the Answer (2.10)
The White Tiger by A. Adigu (7 – fiction)

23 Things They Don’t Tell you About Capitalism, Ha Joon Chang (2.2)
Feminist Fictions by Elizabeth Carola – The Fun Kind, and Hot & Other Stories (7)
Nietzsche – Thus Spoke Zarathusta (1.1)
Adbusters (4)

Below books not filed yet, on donations shelf. Donated by Brighton Solidarity Federation:

Anarcho Sundicalism in Puerto Real
Work Mate – Direct Action worksplace organising on the London Underground
Fighting for Ourselves – Anarcho Sundication & the Class Struggle


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